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Safety equipment

Preventing and reducing risks during cryogenic equipement handling

Because safety is paramount when handling cryogenic liquids, and liquid nitrogen in particular (-196°C), strict rules must be followed to reduce major hazards such as anoxia and cryogenic burns in the workplace

Preventing and reducing risks

  • Safety equipment available : cryo-gloves, visors, cryo apron, gaiters and oxygenometer
  • All safety equipment are designed to prevent and reduce risks handling cryogenic liquids in the workplace
  • The portable oxygenometer helps to detect low oxygen levels in a cryoconservation room
  • Unprotected hand should never manipulate any items that have been in contact with liquid or dry nitrogen
  • Hands, even when wearing the cryo-gloves, should never be submerged in a cryogenic liquid
  • Prescription eye glasses are not protective