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GT Dermatology and CRYALJET

Cryogenic equipment used in dermatology

According to the required application or the skin surface to be treated, Cryopal proposes solutions specially adapted to the use of liquid nitrogen in dermatology

GT Demartology

  • Liquid nitrogen vessel in aluminium with two dippers included
  • Fixing hook for dippers to facilitate nitrogen availibility
  • Vacuum guarantee of 6 years


Medical Device Class IIa

  • CRYALJET Maxi (0.5L): stainless steel spray gun for dermatology treatments
  • Safe use of liquid nitrogen without skin contact
  • Supplied with a set of 6 nozzles for treating the most common skin lesions


Cryopal invites you to carefully read the instructions on the leaflet supplied with the device​​​​​​​