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Small-size cryo-preservation vessels, series 3 to 40, for biological samples storage
Medical Device Class IIa* manufactured by CRYOPAL


  • Aluminum vessels
  • 9 models
  • Capacity up to 16,400 straws and 1,200 vials


  • Vessels designed for both a long holding time and large capacity
  • Lightweight and resistant thanks to aluminium design
  • Vacuum warranty of 6 years

T-TRACKER Monitoring systems (optional)

  • Data logger mobile device
  • Real time display for temperature levels between -200°C and +50°C

CRYOMEMO Monitoring systems (optional)

Medical Device Class I

  • Continuous level, temperature and alarm monitoring
  • Stand alone or multiple vessel monitoring system
  • Ergonomic and friendly interface
  • Multi languages
  • Screen, internet, and internal network monitoring
*Device CE0459 marked - Cryopal invites you to carefully read the instructions on the leaflet supplied with the device 

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