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Mid sized cryo-preservation vessels from 40 to 170 series to store biological samples.
Medical Device Class IIa* manufactured by CRYOPAL


  • Aluminum vessels
  • Capacity up to 47 000 straws or 6 000 vials
  • Adapted for both liquid and dry phase storage
  • Storage systems by rack or canister


  • Compatible with automatic filling
  • -190°C in the top box of the vessel
  • High quality and efficiency
  • Lightweight and resistant thanks to the aluminium design
  • Highly flexible arrangement depending on storage mode (tubes, straws or bags)
  • Vacuum guarantee of 6 years

CRYOMEMO monitoring system (optional)

Medical Device Class I

  • Continuous level, temperature and alarm monitoring
  • Safety filling system to prevent overflow
  • Stand alone or multiple vessel monitoring system
  • Ergonomic and friendly interface
  • Multi languages
  • Automatic filling optimization
  • Screen, internet, and internal network monitoring
* Temperature test indicates typical performance of Arpege range with full inventory system and factory recommended level settings. Actual performance may vary with atmospheric conditions and usage
Test conducted with two vessels 
*Device CE0459 marked - Cryopal invites you to carefully read the instructions on the leaflet supplied with the device

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