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Who we are ?

Cryopal, founded in 1968 and part of Air Liquide group,​ ​design​s​ and manufactur​es high quality, innovative and user-oriented cryopreservation vessels, super insulated vaccuum line and associated services  ​for cryogenic storage of biological materials. Cryopal also provides a range of liquid oxygen vessels​ for patient with chronic respiratory diseases.​


​As one of the leaders in ​cryopreservation and liquid oxygen therapy, Cryopal provides​ fully compliant and reliable solutions for your fragile and valuable ​applications:​

  • Biobanking
  • Animal Insemination
  • Oxyge​n Therapy
  • Dermatology
  • Helium Applications
  • Industry​​

Cryopal is certified ISO 13485:2012. CE marked medical devices following the regulations are fully compliant with Directive 93/42 / EEC.